Nurture your authentic voice.


i support and guide you as you:

  • listen to yourself and your environment
  • inhabit your body and space
  • work with your breath to support your voice
  • experiment with sound
  • work toward performance goals
  • find pleasure in singing
  • harmonize & sing with others
  • write songs
  • sing from your gut
  • use your voice when it changes
  • move through psychic blocks
  • find out what your voice is capable of
These are things you do that are rad:
1) strategic approach to each song/new skill (picking apart either intonation or dynamics, etc.)
2) I like the ways you describe all the physical pieces of singing, it’s an accessible and integrated approach
3) You take it seriously, but not too seriously. Laughing helps me relax and stay in touch with my body.
— Maeanna, former student


In-person or over skype.

I ask that new students commit to at least three lessons, either every week, or every-other week, to begin.  

Now offering:  youth voice lessons, $30/HALF HOUR