Activate and actualize your artist self. 

Your creative process is core to who you are, and it deserves love, support, nurturing and feedback.  I can work with you to release old stories, find inspiration, develop your craft, set and meet deadlines, revise and finalize projects, change or adjust your course, and open yourself to new possibilities.   

i support and guide you as you:

  • write your book
  • record your album
  • try something for the very first time
  • create structure & nurture flow
  • build artistic consensus in collaboration
  • identify and move through psychic blocks
  • get inspired
  • open to your body's wisdom
  • develop critical awareness of your work
  • experiment with different mediums/styles
  • find your voice
  • meet your goals



In-person or over skype. First session is always 2 hours.