Photo by Shoog McDaniel

I'm a lifelong multi-media artist, dedicated to nurturing creative process in myself and my community.


  • 15 years experience teaching voice lessons.
  • Familiarity with various aspects of creative process: the spark of inspiration, nurturing a flow, setting and meeting deadlines, reworking/editing/finalizing projects.
  • MFA in Creative Writing: Fiction from San Francisco State University.
  • Experience teaching creative writing and theater arts to queer youth, people with disabilities, incarcerated women, and other marginalized communities.
  • Training as a priestess in an earth-based Jewish tradition. 

  • Familiarity with many modes of creative expression, including singing, songwriting & vocal improv, drawing, painting & design, fiction, poetry, playwriting & screenwriting, drag, burlesque & performance art, zines, filmmaking, and more. 
  • Experience completing big projects, publishing, recording and releasing albums, touring, and other aspects of artistic production.
  • Dedication to anti-oppressive process, empowerment and accountability.
During my experience of being taught by Nomy, she sat with me and listened to find the roadblocks in my singing and helped me to work out each one with a smile. She is an expert teacher, laugher, supporter, comforter, and worker. If I wasn’t so lucky to find an instructor with the perfect combination of all of these things right off the bat, I’m sure I would have bolted after my first lesson. Coming back to Nomy turned out to be the most exciting and fun process that I’ve been privileged to go through in a long, long time.
— Alex, former voice student