This six-week class gives us opportunity to gaze into the mystery of songwriting together, and see what gets born.  There are a million formulas, and, there is no formula, so let's try a bunch of different approaches and see what happens!  What speaks to you in the songs you love, and how can you build on and respond to that call?  What comes out when you write a song from the perspective of a character?  How does it feel to just sit and hum and let music emerge?  What happens if you write a song on an instrument you don't know how to play?  Or write lyrics for a friend and then put each other's lyrics to music?  

Never written a song before?  Perfect!  Are you in a slump or looking for new inspiration?  This class can give you the fertilizer you need.  Looking for community to help hold and nurture your process?  You found it!  All styles, abilities, and aspirations are warmly invited.  

$120-300 sliding scale